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STEM Initiative


"Education is our greatest force for social progress."
Dr. Dennis Hill, EXACTA President

From its founding in 1976, EXACTA has been committed to the development of creative and critical thinking skills in the sciences.  Focus on problem-solving enables EXACTA consultants to quickly address and resolve issues by applying methods and techniques honed in one discipline, like manufacturing or accounting, to a completely different one, like insurance or healthcare.

Today, EXACTA remains committed to the education and developmental needs of under-represented groups in STEM, specifically professionals of color, indigenous origins, and women.

"America would be a better place if leaders would do more long-term thinking."
Wilma P. Mankiller, First Woman Elected as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

"You don't manage people; you manage things. You lead people."  Rear Admiral
Grace Hopper (ret), Computer Scientist and Creator of the COBOL language