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Workforce recruitment, onboarding, development, and management are top challenges facing employers today. With Workforce Relationship Manager (WRM), the complete human resource extension to Corporate Organizer CRM&More, employers can dramatically cut the time needed to find qualified candidates to interview to a matter of seconds. 

By building your own talent pool, gathered from subscription sources and your own online application, HR and hiring managers can search candidates by skills or roles – on demand.  Using EXACTA’s Corporate Organizer CRM&More, best practices from traditional prospecting enable HR to immediately reach out to candidates and setup telephone or in-person interviews, placing the appointment in the interviewer’s calendar while emailing the candidate with critical information.

Corporate Organizer CRM&More with Workforce Relationship Manager includes an online application tailored to your company or division that ensures compliance with new and emerging laws, like Ban the Box and Ban the Dollars.  WRM also includes our built-in document curator and industry-standard assessments that analyze and describe individual persons with the potential qualifications to meet your exact requirements.

Competing application tracking systems (ATS), human capital managers (HCM), and online job boards that are indeed and zippingly most interested in monetizing and exploiting personal information from your current and future employees.  Your company invests a lot of money each year in workforce recruitment, onboarding, and development.   Corporate Organizer CRM&More with Workforce Relationship Manager protects your investment to acquire a talent pool for your business, making it another arrow in your business’ strategic quiver of advantages.

On-board instantly with an electronic library with e-signable documents and drag the selected candidate into Corporate Organizer’s Employee and Contractor Contact subsystem for a complete Huma Resource Information Systems (HRIS). More Info