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A Few Testimonials

When it comes to IT applications and security, I've lost no sleep since 1990 knowing that Dennis and his team were always there.

Barry S.
Attorney-at-law (retired)

From clarifying product ideas to solving real-world manufacturing problems, EXACTA's professionals have made business transformation easy to implement for us over the past 15 years.

         Ken A.
         President, Manufacturing Co.

We have successfully navigated business changes with lasting trust and friendship for more than a decade.

Gina K.
Vice President, Recycling & Manufacturing Co.

EXACTA's Corporate Organizer CRM&More reduced our physical storage and greatly increased our access to critical documents when we need them.

Jesse M.
President, Manufacturing Co.

Demo Comments


"I didn't know this existed!"

"10 WOW's!"

"Organizer's document manager fills a huge void for businesses and consumers."

Actual Comments from Prospective Customers



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