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Can you keep a secret? Big Tech can't.

Every keystroke, sound bite, online purchase, chat message, email, photo, and video clip you share has been gathered, analyzed, brokered, and exploited at your expense.

"Reclaim Your Online Identity"
for Free Today.

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    Learn how to
    (1) Take back control of your online information.
    (2) Restore your online privacy.
    (3) Prevent your information from being sold without your permission.

    What keeps you up at night?

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    Do you worry about sharing your personal information online?
    Have you or your children been harassed, bullied or accosted online?

    Do you believe that social media is watching your every move?
    Listening to your conversations?
    Selling your data to others without your knowledge?

    Have you ever wished for a private internet that's just for your family?
    Where conversations are kept secret and messages encoded so that Big Brother can't spy on you?

    EXACTA has been committed to individual and family data privacy and ownership for decades.  Say goodbye to online harassment, cyberbullying, virtual isolation, and many other challenges to your family's digital lifestyles.

    EXACTA and our president were early signatories to the Presidio Principles published by the World Economic Forum and a data owner's "bill of rights" concerning privacy and proper use of your personal data.


    "Reclaim Your Online Identity"
    for Free Today.

      YOU can secure and manage all of YOUR most important communications, records, and relationships among your trusted family members and verified providers...

      Beyond the reach of unauthorized actors, like hackers and thieves... Beyond the reach of physical damage, like fire, water, and computer crash... Beyond the exploitation and influence of Big Brother.