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EXACTA Sales Orchestration Bows

Published by Marc King on

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Jason K, Marketing

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EXACTA Corporation, Wisconsin’s leader for over forty years in proprietary and commercial software development, announced today the latest innovation to their Corporate Organizer CRM &more business software suite for small and mid-size companies. EXACTA has developed a sales automation tool which allows users of the Corporate Organizer’sContact Relationship Manager (CRM) to turn prospects into customers by creating sales campaigns and marketing activities while consistently messaging target groups for as little as $60/month. Sales reps can automate time-consuming administrative tasks, and spend more time pitching to prospects and closing new customers.

Corporate Organizer CRM &more offers an automated sales process tool that enables small to mid-size companies to orchestrate every stage, of a long-term relationship, from the first contact to final sale. Corporate Organizer CRM &more’s “Campaign Mode” targets “hot” prospects via scheduled emails, digital and print marketing materials, and strategically-timed phone calls. Businesses can ensure sales process improvement by tracking all promotion and selling efforts via interactive graphs, trending reports, bounce rates, and subscription confirmation that convert potential customers into loyal fans. Successful and disciplined application of Corporate Organizer CRM &more in Campaign Mode helps companies grow their sales revenue while reducing cost.

EXACTA’s Corporate Organizer CRM &more software is used to build profitable relationships between companies and people with whom they work, uniformly extending superior customer service, efficient vendor management, and proactive employee development across the entire business. Whether information resides internally or externally to a company’s computer systems, Corporate Organizer CRM &more extends its reach beyond convention, leveraging vast information concerning customers and vendors which produces greater and more predictable financial results.

Founded in 1976 by Wolfhart K. Schubach, EXACTA Corporation is the longest operating, privately held computer consulting company in Wisconsin, which remains locally owned, locally operated, and locally based. EXACTA Consultants have worked with nearly every kind of company, government agency, and educational institution. EXACTA launched its EBIS II software suite in 2016 in response to unaddressed needs of companies seeking workforce acquisition and development solutions for the twenty- first century.