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Podcast: Data Privacy and Ownership hosted by Marketing, Media, & Money Magazine’s Patty Farmer

Published by Marc King on

Patty Farmer, radio personality, nationally-recognized marketing coach, and publisher of Marketing, Media, & Money magazine, recently interviewed Dennis Hill, Ph.D., EXACTA’s president, #1 international bestselling business author and tech pioneer on data privacy and ownership.

Focusing on highly integrated CRM solutions for small and mid-size businesses, Farmer explores Hill’s involvement with EXACTA and his lifetime views on emerging technology, including some tools for securing privacy and sensitive information in at home and in the workplace. More at EXACTA Corporation.

In This Episode:

02:14 – Get to know Dennis Hill, President of EXACTA Corporation
03:37 – Why Dennis Hill chose to work on EXACTA Corporation
04:46 – The importance of data privacy and security
08:44 – Using 5G and blockchain to create a safe social network
15:24 – Debunking a data privacy myth
22:08 – EXACTA being a women owned company / Family Organizer Plus
34:03 – A recent achievement for Family Organizer Plus
37:15 – Connect with EXACTA

Dennis Hill’s Publications – Available on Amazon