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From Funnel to Jet: Putting Sales Opportunities on Steroids

Published by Marc King on

Are your opportunities knocking or dropping? Has your CRM let you down? Tired of “collabor-wasting” time in your organization tracking down basic information just to know important details about your prospects and customers? How about proposal status, sales history, profitability, and even when your employees exchanged a call or email with them? Want a lot of team alignment and operating efficiency by implementing a little discipline?

Vigorously managing sales opportunities can be challenging, yet it is the first step in a process that actually returns value to your business before a sale is made. Coordinating salespeople has been described as “corralling cats.” After messing with spreadsheets, lists, handwritten notes, and clunky CRMs, why not gain complete control over your pre-order and prospecting stage, convert opportunities to orders faster with a sales jet, and bring an easy-to-use tool to your team?

We’ve heard – and many know – that funneling offers an actionable workflow to monitor and improve your sales. Ideally, funnels trigger better prospect conversions, management transparency, and happier salespeople who benefit from positive results. The problem is that most funnels and CRMs require more data entry and administrative effort from salespeople whose real gift is building relationships.

Please join Dr. Dennis Hill EXACTA President, Software Creator & #1 International Bestselling Business Author, for a 30-minute lunch-time conversation about turning Your Slow, Passive Funnel into a Supercharged Jet Engine!

From Funnel to Jet: Putting Sales Opportunities on Steroids May 19, 2021, from Noon to 12:30 PM