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Family Organizer Plus Launches Fundraiser Campaign on Indiegogo

Published by Marc King on

Protect yourself and your family online. Designed for 5G and blockchain. Family Organizer Plus puts YOUR data back into YOUR hands, once and for all. 

EXACTA has announced a new family data platform called Family Organizer Plus, available to support on Indiegogo. It’s the first application of its kind that empowers individuals to maintain and control access to their personal information, private details, and important records.

For less than a fancy cup of coffee, become early adopters of this new and exciting platform and collaborators in the evolution of  Family Organizer Plus and its future. EXACTA’s architects have been technology and thought leaders on data security since the 1980s  predicting the rise of cyber terrorism and the rejection of security precautions except in knee-jerk response to breaches and hacks.