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Sales Orchestration: Money as Music to Your Ears

Published by Marc King on

Growing and scaling a business requires simple, streamlined processes that consistently deliver products and services profitably.

New leads are the lifeblood of every business…but collecting them can be a pain point for many owners. EXACTA understands the challenge of finding qualified leads. We’ve developed Sales Orchestration to solve these problems for small and midsize businesses.

Relationship Technology and Systems integration Thought Leader, Dr. Dennis Hill, shares time-proven methods for labor-reducing and sustainable prospecting using Sales Orchestration, a process which he created that turns marketing automation into a musical cacophony of profits.

In this free online conversational video conference, you will takeaway:

  • How to convert leads into customers with automated follow-up.
  • How to extend CRM best-practices beyond traditional, brute force messaging to a rhythmic cadence of results
  • Why Sales Orchestration is strategic and not tactical and even less labor-intensive than marketing automation
  • How to build Notes into Symphonies, capturing more leads and generating more sales.

Most Customer Relationship Management software over-promise and under-deliver, but Corporate Organizer CRM&More from EXACTA offers a process management toolset that efficiently aligns information gatherers with the entire company’s set of objectives and delivers results at the top and bottom lines of the company’s income statement.

Look for upcoming information on EXACTA’s next session, May 19, 2021.

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