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RA.R.E. Leaders – Resourcefulness

Published by Marc King on

Resourcefulness is defined as the ability to meet situations and the capability of devising ways and means (Merriam-Webster). Ability implies action in motion. Ability is kinetic and active, while capability suggests the potential to act. By experience, every leader knows that resourcefulness requires energy exerted and energy stored – kinetic for the now and potential for the future.

R.A.R.E. Leaders possess resourcefulness in both forms. They demonstrate resourcefulness instinctively, compelled by internal principles, external circumstances, or both.  R.A.R.E. Leaders continuously take inventory of their resources, whether found in specialized knowledge, developed skills, strategic relationships, or those of others. Simultaneously, they intentionally develop existing and new resources for future use. 

As R.A.R.E. Leaders, we exercise our resourcefulness by meeting challenges and solving problems, often by daily and courageous practice. However, like much of life, effectiveness is proportional to intentionality, in this case being aware of one’s gift and thoughtfully managing it. When considering the need to act immediately to address an imminent objective, have we commanded our resources to maximize effectiveness, or have we gone through the motions to provide a marginal answer? The former is commonly permanent while the latter is temporary. R.A.R.E. Leaders know that a problem returned is not a problem solved, and they derive little to no satisfaction from implementing temporary stop-gaps. They prefer to leave a legacy of success in their wake, having applied resources usefully and not wasted. 

In summary, R.A.R.E. Leaders demonstrate resourcefulness by its continuous exercise, strategic development, and intentional application. These three are optimized in the person who is motivated by the measured chain of solved problems, not accolades, and a spirit of fearless anticipation for inevitable challenges yet to come.