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Dramatically Grow and Scale Your Business with Integration

Published by Marc King on

Establish, grow, and scale your business by integrating systems with less risk for greater productivity and profitability.

Join us for a half-hour conversation about managing relationships by integrating your entire small-to-mid-size business.

From sales prospecting to workforce recruitment, COVID changed everything about doing business. However, the need for more customers hasn’t changed, and perhaps you’ve never thought about using the same prospecting tools for finding new workers.

We’ll discuss cost-effective approaches to data integration that supports your business’ workflows.(That’s a fancy way of saying that we’ll propose ways to lessen the problems and improve the value of systems in your company.)We’ll look at what many businesses have now in place and what struggles most have in common.(Can my software for marketing, accounting, and applicant tracking software work with my document library and sales prospecting tools to offer a better (revenue-generating, cost-saving) manner?

Most importantly, this interactive session has limited openings and we promise no sales pitch. Just 30 minutes of thought-provoking conversation with #1 International Bestselling author, Dennis Hill, PhD. on integrating your business and the “pain-points” that almost every business leader has.

Session 1 Takeaways:

  • Contacts in focus – Who’s a prospect for your company and why should I care?
  • Avoiding garbage-in/garbage-out – Why (data) quality matters in relationship management?
  • One Immediate Use Case: Easy document storage and access – Do you know how much time and money is saved by integrating?

This conversation is offered as a community service to small and mid-size business owners who want a first- or second-opinion about their “incurable” systems issues.