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Spectrum News 1 Interviews Dr. Dennis Hill on Personal Data Ownership and Fighting for Consumer Rights

Published by Marc King on

Spectrum News 1 Anchor Courtny Gerrish interviewed Dr. Dennis Hill concerning data privacy in the technology segment broadcasted on March 2, 2021.   

The pandemic has accelerated the conversation with more people now online and their information possible targets for hackers.

Dennis Hill, President of Wisconsin-based Exacta Corp., pointed out “[…] There is definitely an interest, more than a casual interest, these days in having your information protected. As we know, we can read in the news daily about breaks, breaches and loss of information. So this is at a point now where it’s been moved from the backburner for most people to a front burner issue.”

“We’re living at a point now that’s technologically advanced and will revolutionize what we understand the internet to be with the introduction of 5G communications and Blockchain Technology,” he said.