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Personal Data Security Ownership Breach Prevention Family Software Launched

Published by Marc King on

A new data security software suite has been launched by EXACTA. Family Organizer Plus aims to protect the private and personal information of its users using 5G/6G protocols and blockchain storage.

EXACTA Corporation recently launched data security software through a crowdfunding site. The new software is called Family Organizer Plus, and it is available on IndieGoGo.com. The software aims to help people protect against identity theft and other forms of data breaches.

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The newly launched software seeks to secure users’ personal and financial information with 5G/6G protocols and blockchain storage. It also aims to help users organize family records, schedule activities, and monitor members’ social media exchanges.

Family Organizer Plus hopes to mitigate cyber-bullying by allowing parents to monitor the online activities of their children. EXACTA hopes that this tool will help parents guide their children to be responsible while using the internet.

Family Organizer Plus seeks to protect its users’ communications from being monitored by third-party entities. Personal data is usually collected, analyzed, and sold to other parties to help companies promote products and services but not with Family Organizer Plus using encryption, which actually prevents this for you.

The software advances data protection to new military-grade levels. It offers a private chat service that utilizes advanced encryption. The aim is to allow for a secure exchange of confidential information among family members and trusted providers.

The World Economic Forum believes that everyone has the right to own their data. Family Organizer Plus aims to exceed the functionality of older data protection methods.

Rob Kochanski, EXACTA Marketing Director, EXACTA supports this principle explained: “Unlike other personal organizing apps that don’t integrate well, exclude robust security, and offer relatively few features for free, you won’t get bombarded with ads upon ads, charged fees to remove these annoyances, or poked to purchase add-ons. Our business model for Family Organizer Plus is based on security, integrity, and the platform’s value in addressing the cause of data breaches, namely central data warehouses controlled by third-parties.”

EXACTA was founded in 1976 and has a wealth of experience in data security. Family Organizer Plus is an extension of their commitment to giving people the power to control how their personal information is used. EXACTA also hopes that Family Organizer Plus receives support from people who value privacy.

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