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DeHR, Blockchain & Employee Data Ownership – Presented by Dr. Dennis Hill and John Macy – HR-Tech Conference

Published by Marc King on

Please join (John Macy (FAHRILife)) and (Dennis Hill, Ph.D.) for 45 minutes on perhaps the most important issue facing HR professionals and their employers – data privacy and ownership. Employee data ownership and portability are regulatory issues in many countries where personal data are exchanged across borders. The EU-US Privacy Shield framework provided a mechanism for personal data transfer, and it’s recent invalidation created a need for alternate data protection guarantees. In 2020 the World Economic Forum advocated a Blockchain Bill of Rights and published the Presidio Principles to articulate data privacy rules. The presenters contend that the Presidio Principles serve as the right model for global adoption for decentralized human resource data on blockchain or “DeHR.” This session describes the role of blockchain in DeHR, examines interoperability with specialized blockchains, and makes the case for global collaboration.