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Dr. Dennis Hill Co-Authors Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner – Reaches #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Published by Marc King on

We Did It – And It Took a Team To Make It Happen!
Thanks for being part of it!
Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner Vol 4 reached #1 Bestselling Book on Amazon.com today.
Thank you, friends, colleagues, classmates, employees, contractors, and nearly every contact on LinkedIn, Facebook, and everywhere else on the web for purchasing the Kindle edition, reading it, and posting your reviews. I also want to thank Rob Kochanski (our marketing guru at EXACTA Corporation) who demonstrated the power of using our CRM, CorporateOrganizer CRM&More, to help drive sales to #1 in a matter of hours!

Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner ranked not just #1 Best Seller in 10 business and related categories, but also #1 Best Seller Internationally, a first in the series designed to help small businesses prosper!

Please meet my fellow contributors on this wonderful project👇🏼
Chapter 1: The Financial Freedom Trail
by Anne Mank, CFP®, CPA
Chapter 2: Uplevel Your Business by Replacing Irreplaceable Employees: Move to Indispensable Key Talent
by Mark Boeder
Chapter 3: The Hidden Cost of Doing Business
by Susan McCuistion
Chapter 4: Flip the Paradigm: Embrace the Human Approach to Boost Your Business
by Shalini (she/her) Nag, Ph.D.
Chapter 5: Are Your Influencer Capabilities being Overpowered by Imposter Syndrome?
by Mike Raber
Chapter 6: Integrate for Well-Managed, Intentional Growth
by Dennis Hill, Ph.D. 
Chapter 7: Building Confidence Along with a Successful Business – From the Ground Up
by Melinda Van Fleet & Ryan Van Fleet
Chapter 8: Uncover Your Cells’ Stories, Discover Your Quantum Nature TM You are the Best Asset of Your Business
by Jun Shimizu, I-MD, Ph.D.
Chapter 9: How Valuing Values Adds Value to Your Business
by Maggie Mongan, Master Business Coach