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Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Podcast – Time is Valuable

Published by Marc King on

Business Owner – Time is Valuable
with Dr. Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill is a true polymath with a background in engineering, business, and law, coupled with lifelong experience in solving technical and business problems for companies, large and small. He is an invited speaker on such subjects as AI, 5G, and blockchain in the US and around the world.  He sees the need for business owners to recognize the value of taking time to setup an integrated information structure for daily operations, and in doing so, realize great gains in time, productivity, and ultimately the advantage over the competition.

#1 International Bestselling Business Author, Dr. Dennis Hill, Answers:  

  • Where should we begin the business owners’ systems journey conversation?
  • Why don’t most small business owners understand their weaknesses are a barrier to success – especially when it comes to systems?
  • Why is tech seen as the problem when it supports the solution to the time problem?
  • How can integrated business systems improve a small business owner’s productivity?

Dennis’ Special Invitation For You:
To learn more about integrating your business systems for well-managed, intentional growth, and informationget the guide “The Small Business Recipe – Integrating ideas and Information” by clicking: https://www.IntegrateForGrowth.com

Chapter: “Integrate for Well-Managed, Intentional Growth”  in the book:”Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner – Volume 4″.  Click here to get the book on amazon: getbook.at/BrilliantBizBook4