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Secure Family Data Cloud Storage Calendar Sync Social Platform Announced

Published by Marc King on

The world’s first consumer platform based on new technology to address data ownership, Family Organizer Plus includes native apps for Android, iOS phones, tablets, and desktops, and laptops.

EXACTA has announced a new family data platform called Family Organizer Plus, available to support on Indiegogo. It’s the first application of its kind that empowers individuals to maintain and control access to their personal information, private details, and important records.

More information can be found at Here

The newly announced platform aims to provide families with a private, safe, and secure space for individual and family data. The private platform enables family members access to this data quickly, seamlessly, and securely on all their devices.

Family Organizer Plus is designed to empower users to protect both themselves and their families online. It’s optimized for 5G and blockchain and puts personal data control back in the hands of the owner.

Utilizing the app allows families to simplify their digital life and provide shared information and insights. Features include trusted contact management, one-calendar scheduling, private family chatting, social media monitoring, and secure record-keeping.

Family Organizer Plus meets the increasing demand for safe and secure systems for communication and data storage. With the rise in private data hacking and leaks causing concerns among consumers, specially designed secure platforms are gaining traction.

Family Organizer Plus enables families to recover their data and reclaim their privacy through one effective solution.

Relationships can be organized into simple, helpful groups, e.g., friends, relatives, and trusted service providers like accountants.

Calendars can be combined across Google, iCloud, and other platforms, helping families to avoid conflicting appointments and improve in-family communication and scheduling. Family coordination is also improved, as members are kept updated and don’t have to worry about missing important events.

Family Organizer Plus uses advanced encryption to secure person-to-person family chatting. Alongside this, cutting-edge social monitoring allows parents to protect their children from online abuse.

Family Organizer Plus has issued a callout for early adopters of the platform to support the app’s growth and development. Interested parties can support the campaign, share the app on social media, and use the hashtag #familyorganizerplus to join the discussion.

Full details of the newly announced platform can be found Here.