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Commercial Solutions

Corporate Organizer CRM&More is built on a new paradigm that focuses on people and relationships, and not just sales...

People sell to people - People buy from people. People hire people.
All transactions are relationship-driven. Corporate Organizer CRM&More exclusively offers small, medium, and large businesses a comprehensive and scalable suite of software products to manage all contacts - off the shelf.  Install the core CRM and any add-ons in hours, to integrate processes and people, quickly implementing a support system for a workforce aligned to exercise healthy technology-enabled relationships.

Customers, vendors, employees, and prospective contacts are all managed using the most secure solutions available today based on decentralized, blockchain, and 5G methods. Avoid multiple, lengthy and expensive deployments while guaranteeing measurable improvements at the bottom line with the Corporate Organizer CRM&More suite and our "AI-enhanced software managers."


Professional Consultants

EXACTA has been building the future of IT for nearly 50 years. Contract programmers, Project managers, Business Analysts, Developers, and other IT and STEM-related professionals contribute daily at major data centers across the nation.

From mainframes to cloud architectures, EXACTA consultants possess a proven track record of technological, and accountability when it comes to solving the most challenging business-technology problems. Today, EXACTA's deep pool of competent talent extends worldwide. Our consulting and support staff effectively apply creative and critical thinking to problem-solving, continuously improving commercial and government systems through better software design, quality assurance, and end-user synergy.


Lifelong Learning

EXACTAcademy offers courses and seminars in IT, STEM and Management in conjunction with global resources like Khan Academy and Coursera.

Through practical training and relevant education, EXACTA generates a tidal effect of new ideas, customer focus and service delivery in partnership with and for our clients. Recognizing that education is our greatest force for progress, direct online delivery from major universities and colleges around the world, as well as technical certification programs, offer EXACTA and our clients a cost-effective mechanism to ensure knowledge growth for years to come.