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Reason #1 EXACTA's Values Are Your Values.

Customer-focused Relationship Building

EXACTA professionals have learned that listening to our clients is the first step in successful problem-solving. Our thought leaders and subject matter experts have served in or near the C-suites of many organizations, bringing business acumen acquired across many years and industries.

Best Practices as Solutions

Whether we work with popular programs, our own Corporate and Family Organizers, or invent new applications for the Internet of People and Things, EXACTA professionals rely on proven and emerging best practices across dozens of industries to bring money- and time-saving strategies and streamlined processes to each and every client.

World-class Support & Work Ethic

Since its inception in 1976, EXACTA has helped Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and small to mid-size companies achieve their goals for improved business systems. Many of our customers have remained with EXACTA, even as they have gone through mergers, expansions, and downsizing.

Key Products & Services

Delivered to Exceed Your Expectations.

Family Organizer Plus

Applicant Relationship Manager Corporate Organizer CRM&More Add-on

Add-on for Corporate Organizer CRM&More

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Prospective, past, and current clients have good news to share with future customers about their successful partnering with EXACTA's expert consultants and support staff.
Jesse M.

Jesse M.

President, Manufacturer

"EXACTA's Corporate Organizer CRM&More reduced our physical storage and greatly increased our access to critical documents when we need them."

Gina K.

Gina K.

Vice President, Manufacturer

We have successfully navigated business changes with lasting trust and friendship for more than a decade."

Ken A.

Ken A.

President, Manufacturer

"From clarifying product ideas to solving real-world manufacturing problems, EXACTA's professionals have made business transformation easy to implement for us over the past 15 years."